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Garmin's G500 TXi Retrofit Upgrade for the Cirrus Aircraft

Why Upgrade?

  • Remove single point of failure/optional dual AHRS for redundancy.
  • Get ADS-B traffic & weather on the displays--plus optional synthetic vision.
  • Send EIS, AHRS & air data to Google Cloud for pilot and maintenance analysis.
  • Lower your database cost & enable systemwide wireless database.
  • New MFD/EIS configurations showing EIS data in a single strip on either side of the 10.6" flight display, occupying only 20%, leaving 80% for the moving map and/or approach chart.
  • Display of standard engine information and also additional parameters such as percent power, turbocharged engine info, electrical gauge support, and more.
  • GFC 500 autopilot system for SR22/SR22T aircraft, providing features such as Garmin's Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP), descent vertical navigation (VNAV), return-to-level (LVL) mode button, and more.

Why Choose Wisconsin Aviation?

  • Exclusive Cirrus SR22 demo equipped with Garmin's G500 TXi Retrofit Upgrade, including the GFC 500 autopilot system.
  • One-on-one virtual consultation offered by Garmin and Wisconsin Aviation.
  • Cirrus flight instructors available to train on new equipment.
  • Cirrus Service Center offering maintenance, CAPS repack, composite repairs, and interior repairs/refurbishment.
  • Ease of navigation at the Dane County Regional Airport (MSN).

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